APRH is a technical and scientific association, non-profit, whose work focuses on the themes of water.

It was founded on August 4, 1977, by a group of 160 professionals and scientists in the field of water resources, which, with an innovative vision, created an association that seek to influence future policy based on the principles and values ​​of the integrated management of resources water.

Since 1977 the APRH is headquartered in LNEC - National Laboratory for Civil Engineering.

Currently, APRH has nearly 1,000 individual members and 200 institutional members.

Here are the members who have formed over the years of its activity the APRH Corporate Bodies (General Assembly, Executive Board, the General Council and Finace Coucil) Regional Commissions, Specialized Committees, Organising Committees Meetings and Working Groups.


Biennium Executive Board Chairmans
1978/79 Luís Veiga da Cunha
1980/81 António Eira Leitão
1982/83 António Gonçalves Henriques
1984/85 Vitória Mira da Silva
1986/87 José Costa Miranda
1988/89 Vera Bruto da Costa
1990/91 João Bau
1992/93 João Paulo Lobo Ferreira
1994/95 Mário Lino Correia
1996/97 António Nascimento Pinheiro
1998/99 Joaquim Evaristo da Silva
2000/01 António Carmona Rodrigues
2002/03 António Bento Franco
2004/05 Teresa Eira Leitão
2006/07 José Vieira da Costa
2008/09 Jorge Matos
2010/11 Alexandra Serra
2012/13 Rodrigo Proença Oliveira
2014/15 Maria da Conceição Cunha
2016/17 Francisco Taveira Pinto
2018/20 Susana Neto