4th International Workshop on River and Reservoir Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics

27th July 2015, IST Alameda Campus, Lisbon, Portugal

Instituto Superior Técnico


Organized within the scope of projects HypoVeg, funded by FCT, and SEDITRANS, funded by the European Commission, 7th Framework.

Researchers of the involved projects will present their work on hydrodynamics of vegetated channels, mechanics of sediment transport in rivers reservoirs and coastal environments, turbulence in free-surface flows and modelling two-phase flows composed of fluid and granular material. Invited speakers in related topics will contribute to generate a forum for multidisciplinary discussion on hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of flows with mobile boundaries.

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Co-organizado por

APRH (Comissão Especializada de Hidráulica Fluvial)


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