To promote multi sector and interdisciplinary approaches to issues related to the quantity and quality of freshwater, estuarine and coastal waters, both surface and groundwater, by providing a forum for professionals from different backgrounds and from the water resources related industry.

Main objectives

To promote the advance of knowledge and the discussion of water resources related problems in the areas of planning, management, development, administration, science, technology, teaching and research.

To support cooperation and dialogue initiatives between different actors in order to solve existing problems in the water resources sector.

To contribute to the dissemination of fundamental water resources management principles in view of adequate policies.

To cooperate with similar associations and to promote the Portuguese participation in water resources international programmes with national interest.


  • To organize meetings, seminars, field trips and other similar activities, at national and international levels.
  • To promote training, and scientific and technologic updating events.
  • To promote information, interdisciplinary and intersectorial knowledge activities, namely through a newsletter publication.
  • To promote the development and dissemination of technical and scientific activities, namely through its publication in a journal.
  • To be represented when requested in advisory or deliberative committees established by public or private utilities.
  • To promote analysis and solutions for key issues within its more relevant areas of interest, through the activity of its special committees.
  • To study themes eventually through the creation of specific working groups.
  • To support the activities of Portuguese committees within international associations.
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