Volume 20, Issue 1 - March 2020

ISSN 1646-8872

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Anthropic impacts on the morphological and sedimentary processes in the coast of State of Paraná, in Southern Brazil: past and future perspectives
Rodolfo José Angulo, Maria Cristina de Souza, Mauricio Almeida Noernberg

The evolution of the European framework for coastal management, linked to the new environmental challenges. The Portuguese case
Sónia Oliveira, Delminda Moura, Tomasz Boski

Island-based Information Management System-GIS Data Centre as a key tool for spatial planning in the South Atlantic UK Overseas Territories
Ilaria Marengo, Amelie A. Augé, Letizia Campioni, Denise Blake, Samantha Cherrett, Andrew J. Richardson, Sam B. Weber

Tidal Farm Electric Energy Production in the Tagus Estuary
José Maria Ceregeiro, Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Francisco Javier Campuzano