Volume 20, Issue 4 - December 2020

ISSN 1646-8872

Revista integral
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Technical Note
Anthropogenic influences on Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Francisco Taveira-Pinto, Paulo Rosa-Santos, Tiago Fazeres-Ferradosa

Assessment of Pollutants in Soils and Groundwater from the Coastal Plain of Paraíba do Sul River Delta, RJ, Brazil
L.S. Lima, U.C. Oliveira, C.M.A. Rangel, C.F. Barreto, V. M. C. Aguiar, J. A. Baptista Neto, E.M. Fonseca

Concentrations of Pb, Cd and Zn in sediments of an estuarine complex affected by ancient mining activities in Southeast Brazil
Lilian Dalago Salgado, Gislaine de Fátima Filla, Fernando da Silva Carvalho-Neto

Anthropogenic disturbances and conservation of coastal environments in an oceanic archipelago
Juan D. Delgado, Rodrigo Riera

Assessment impact of the Damietta harbour (Egypt) and its deep navigation channel on adjacent shorelines
Mohsen M. Ezzeldin, Osami S. Rageh, Mahmoud E. Saad