The magazine "Recursos Hídricos" (Water Resources) is a publication of the Portuguese Water Resources Association and is currently published online free of charge on the APRH website. The first issue of the magazine was published in 1980 and since then more than 100 issues have been published.

This year it was considered appropriate to start a new period in the life of this publication with a new format and new content. With this new profile, "Recursos Hídricos" will continue to disseminate recent scientific and technical developments in this area of knowledge, but also reference work carried out by companies and consultancy firms.

We also want the magazine "Recursos Hídricos" to be recognized as a priority medium for the administration to set out its views on possible legislative and institutional changes. The dissemination of APRH's internal reflections and the summaries of the events we organize will undoubtedly bring our members closer together and motivate other specialists in the field to join the oldest association in the sector and, therefore, the founder and creator of an intervention dynamic that has been essential for us to achieve a level of response to water problems that is internationally recognized as exemplary.

The support will translate into a monetary value of 200 EUR and will be matched by the insertion of the supporter's logo on one of the pages of the magazine and in every issue published each year (biannual). For more information contact the APRH Secretariat at [email protected].