The Fourth Inter-Celtic Colloquium on Hydrology and Management of Water Resources

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Papers and Presentations


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Open Session

Presentation (PDF 187 KB)


Key-Lecture 1

Exchange between systems: From river catchments to coastal marine waters (PDF 2.884 KB) - JEAN CLAUDE LEFEUVRE
Presentation (PDF 2.678 KB)


Key-Lecture 2

Hydroinformatics Support to Flood Forecasting and Flood Management (PDF 625 KB) - ADRI VERWEY


Key-Lecture 3

Flooding and climate change (PDF 4.748 KB) - ALAN WERRITTY


Technical Session n.º 1

(3) An assessment of runoff trends in the Celtic regions of North West Europe (PDF 300 KB) - J.HANNAFORD and T.J. MARSH
Presentation (PDF 5.359 KB)

(4) Precipitation trends in Mainland Portugal in the period 1941-2000 (PDF 4.915 KB) - M. ISABEL P. DE LIMA, ANA C.P. MARQUES, JOÃO L.M.P. DE LIMA, and M. FÁTIMA E.S. COELHO
Presentation (PDF 5.657 KB)

(18) Implications of climate change for river regimes in Wales: a comparison of scenarios and models (PDF 184 KB) - J.A.A. JONES
Presentation (PDF 1.487 KB)

(22) On the impact of changes in the weather on the surface temperature of Windermere (UK) and Lough Feeagh (Ireland) (PDF 485 KB) - GLEN GEORGE, DIANE HEWITT, ELEANOR JENNINGS, NORMAN ALLOTT, and PHILIP MCGINNITY
Presentation (PDF 745 KB)

(23) Models to predict the impact of the climate changes on aquifer recharge (PDF 228 KB) - MANUEL MENDES OLIVEIRA, MARIA EMÍLIA NOVO, and J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA
Presentation (PDF 757 KB)


Technical Session n.º 2

(2) The eutrophication in the river Vouga basin – impacts on the quality of water for public supply (PDF 1.503 KB) - FIGUEIREDO FAUSTO OLIVEIRA
Presentation (PDF 2.066 KB)

(12) Aluminium contents in drinking water from public water supplies of Galicia ( Northwest Spain) (PDF 1.146 KB) - DAVID A. RUBINOS, MANUEL ARIAS, CARLOS AYMERICH, and FRANCISCO DÍAZ-FIERROS
Presentation (PDF 799 KB)

(14) An indicator system for surface water quality in river basins (PDF 2.155 KB) - RITA OLIVEIRA, and MANUELA LIMA
Presentation (PDF 854 KB)

(17) Origins and dynamics of suspended sediment in small agricultural catchments (PDF 431 KB) - J. LEFRANCOIS, C. GRIMALDI, C. GASCUEL-ODOUX, and N. GILLIET

(21) Stockage du phosphore dans les sédiments d’un réservoir eutrophe (Gouet, Bretagne, France) (PDF 367 KB) - ALAIN JIGOREL, ANNICK BOUEDO, and REMY NICOLAS
Presentation (PDF 8.006 KB)

(33) Quality assurance for hydrometric network data as a basis for integrated river basin management (PDF 1.203 KB) - FRANK SCHLAEGER, and MICHAEL NATSCHKE
Presentation (PDF 1.121 KB)



Poster Session 1

Planning and management of aquifer systems using the simulate annealing method (PDF 249 KB) - TERESA FRAGOSO; MARIA DA CONCEIÇÃO CUNHA; J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA

A suggested approach to effective water resource management using the Umgeni resource system as a test case - ANTHONY J TOLLOW
Presentation (ZIP 945 KB)


Technical Session n.º 3

(24) On wellhead protection assessment methods and a case-study application on Montemor–o-Novo, Portugal (PDF 716 KB) - MARIA JOÃO MOINANTE and J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA
Presentation (PDF 1.607 KB)

(25) Assessing aquifer vulnerability to sea-water intrusion using GALDIT method: Part 1 – Application to the Portuguese Aquifer of Monte Gordo (PDF 3.151 KB) - J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA, A. G. CHACHADI, and CATARINA DIAMANTINO, M. J.
Presentation (PDF 1.278 KB)

(26) Assessing aquifer vulnerability to sea-water intrusion using GALDIT method: Part 2 – GALDIT Indicators Description (PDF 585 KB) - A. G. CHACHADI and J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA
Presentation (PDF 2.258 KB)

(29) New method for groundwater plume detection under uncertainty (PDF 273 KB) - LUÍS MIGUEL NUNES, MARIA DA CONCEIÇÃO CUNHA, LUÍS RIBEIRO, and JOÃO AZEVEDO

(32) The use of multivariate statistical analysis to evaluate spatial and temporal water contamination in Germunde coal mine (Portugal) (PDF 2.446 KB) - RENATA SANTOS, LUÍS RIBEIRO, AMÉLIA CARVALHO DILL
Presentation (PDF 3.380 KB)


Technical Session n.º 4

(5) Applying MIKESHE to define the influence of rewetting on floods in Flanders (PDF 531 KB) - MARK HENRY RUBARENZYA, PATRICK WILLEMS, JEAN BERLAMONT, and JAN FEYEN

(6) Le littoral des Bas-Champs (Picardie, France) soumis aux risques perpétuels d’inondation (PDF 9.005 KB) - JULIA BASTIDE, EDWARD ANTHONY, FRANCK DOLIQUE

(7) Mechanisms of flooding in the Mawddach catchment (PDF 333 KB) - GRAHAM HALL and ROGER CRATCHLEY
Presentation (PDF 2.397 KB)

(10) Isotopes et ressources en eau, exemple du bassin synclinal d’Essaouira (Maroc Occidental) (PDF 392 KB) - M.BAHIR, M.O. SILVA, J. MENDONÇA, P. CARREIRA, GALEGO FERNANDES, M. BENBIBA, and M. ELMERAJI

(11) Water balance and observed flows in the Anllóns river basin (NW Spain) (PDF 3.854 KB) - RIAL RIVAS, M.ERMITAS, ÁLVAREZ ENJO MANUEL ALÍ, and DÍAZ-FIERROS VIQUEIRA, FRANCISCO
Presentation (PDF 1.229 KB)

Suitability of two parameter distributions for low flows in Ireland and Wales (PDF 84 KB) - LEO BROGAN & CONLETH CUNNANE


Round Table n.º 1 on "Climate variability assessment and relevance”

(RT1P1) Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources: a Case-Study on Portugal (PDF 2.182 KB) - L. VEIGA DA CUNHA – Co-authors of the paper: RODRIGO PROENÇA DE OLIVEIRA, JOÃO NASCIMENTO, and LUIS RIBEIRO
Presentation (PDF 1.590 KB)

(RT1P2) Regional Climate Change Impact and Selected Response Studies in the UK - IAN HOLMAN
Presentation (PDF 3.303 KB)

(RT1P3) On methodologies for the assessment of climate change impacts on groundwater resources - J. P. LOBO-FERREIRA, MARIA EMÍLIA NOVO, MANUEL MENDES OLIVEIRA, and CATARINA DIAMANTINO
Presentation (PDF 2.800 KB)


Technical Session n.º 5

(8) The environmental impact and risks associated with changes in fluvial morphodynamic processes (PDF 2.203 KB) - J. S. ANTUNES DO CARMO
Presentation (PDF 1.062 KB)

(9) Influence of 7-year old eucaliptus globulus plantation in the low flow of a small basin (PDF 1.190 KB) - B. SOTO, M.A. BREA, R. PÉREZ & F.DÍAZ-FIERROS
Presentation (PDF 284 KB)

(16) Hydrological modelling and salt water intrusion in a Northern Portugal estuary (PDF 12.855 KB) - JOSÉ L. PINHO
Presentation (PDF 6.116 KB)

(20) Constructions cyanobactériennes calcaires dans les rivières de Haute-Normandie: perspectives de gestion (PDF 542 KB) - FREDERIC PITOIS, ALAIN JIGOREL, and PAUL FERLIN
Presentation (PDF 1.948 KB)

(30) Application of artificial neural networks for river flow simulation and forecasting on three French catchments (PDF 319 KB) - M. GOSWAMI, and K.M. O’CONNOR
Presentation (PDF 514 KB)

(31) Hydrologic models and Geographic Information Systems for water resources evaluation: Application of GIS-BALAN to Atlantic basins in Spain and Portugal (PDF 1.902 KB) - JAVIER SAMPER, MIGUEL ANGEL GARCÍA VERA, BRUNO PISANI, ALBERTO VARELA, JOSÉ ANGEL LOSADA, DIEGO ALVARES, and JORGE ESPINHA MARQUES
Presentation (PDF 7.273 KB)



Poster Session 2

(13) Hydrogeology of hard-rocks in the Portuguese Iberian Massif: Porto urban area and Serra da Estrela mountain region (PDF 7.924 KB) - Mª.JOSÉ AFONSO, J.E.MARQUES, J.M. MARQUES, P.CARREIRA, J.M. CARVALHO, M.MARQUES DA SILVA, JAVIER SAMPER, B. PISANI, F.S. BORGES, F.T. ROCHA, P. E. FONSECA, A.GOMES, MªA. ARAÚJO, G.TELES VIEIRA, CARLA MORA, JOSÉ TEIXEIRA, P.G. ALMEIDA, J. A. GONÇALVES, and H.I. CHAMINÉ

Extensive treatments for a piggery with minimal pollution (PDF 409 KB) - Philippe Morand, Paul Robin, Gwenn Hamon, Jiang Ping Qiu, Marcel Bouché, Daniel Cluzeau, Jean Callarec


Technical Session n.º 6

(1) Cycleau - Integrating research and decision-making for whole river basin management (PDF 784 KB) - Loveday E.T. Jenkin, and Dave C. Watkins
Presentation (PDF 2.553 KB)

(15) Application of RIAM to the environmental impact assessment of hydroelectric installations (PDF 169 KB) - PAULO S.F. DE ARAÚJO, EDUARDO F.S.C. MOURA, and NAIM HAIE
Presentation (PDF 290 KB)

(19) Marnage et biodiversite en etang peu profond: estimation et relations (Limousin, France) (PDF 5.912 KB) - DELPHINE BRUNAUD
Presentation (PDF 5.707 KB)

(27) Impact of road runoff in soil and groundwater. Synthesis of Portuguese and other European case-studies (PDF 305 KB) - TERESA E. LEITÃO
Presentation (PDF 701 KB)

(28) Methodologies for pollution risk assessment of water resources systems (PDF 7.107 KB) - CATARINA DIAMANTINO, M. J. HENRIQUES, MANUEL M. OLIVEIRA, and J.P. LOBO-FERREIRA
Presentation (PDF 1.354 KB)


Round Table n.º 2 on "How to achieve quantity and quality goals of the Water Frame- -work Directive"

(RT2P1) Progresses in the implementation of the WFD in EU Member-States, by A. G. HENRIQUES
Presentation (PDF 1.072 KB)

(RT2P2) Potential implications of the WFD for catchments management in the UK by ALUN ATTWOOD
Presentation (PDF 1.831 KB)

(RT2P3) Water safety plans: methodologies for risk assessment and risk management in drinking water systems (PDF 1.302 KB) , by JOSÉ VIEIRA


Closing Session

Die Namengebung (PDF 483 KB)