Message from the President

Dear Associates,

This term’s program aims to promote APRH, in accordance with its objectives and also continuing the work done by the previous Steering Committees. We intend to adjust the internal organization, improve articulation between Employees, the Steering Committee, Regional Offices, Specialized Committees and Members and encourage the active involvement of Members. During this process, financial sustainability will be promoted, ensuring APRH’s resources through measures that allow its medium-term stability.

Given the objectives and mission of APRH and in the context of current challenges, we propose to develop actions to innovate communication and promote bridges and synergies between different technical-scientific and social actors. We intend to increase the number of individual and collective members, giving them more space and voice. This reinforcement of APRH’s presence in the technical-scientific community, the establishment of partnerships with higher education institutions and companies and APRH’s involvement in current causes will allow the Association to come closer to civil society.

This Steering Committee will work on 4 main objectives:

  1. Functionality, reviewing and optimizing the internal organization processes, the performance of APRH and the articulation with the Regional Branches, the Specialized Commissions and the Associates;
  2. Sustainability, ensuring APRH’s financial stability, fulfilling its mission and promoting technological updating;
  3. Attractiveness, modernizing the image, for an easy communication and proximity with society and captivating new members;
  4. Dissemination of knowledge about water resources, supporting reflection and discussion on current issues in the field of water.

The activities proposed by this Commission take into account the multidisciplinary nature of water issues and the growing importance of collaborative approaches among the various sectors of civil society. We hope to achieve the proposed results and enhance the visibility of APRH in society.

It is with a spirit of mission that I address the Associates, assuring you that we are a committed and determined team to keep APRH active and willing to contribute to a sustained management of Water Resources in Portugal. Thus, we count on everyone to help us in this task and achieve the goals proposed for the 2021/22 biennium.

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