72ème Congrès de l’ AGHTM
Antilles – Guyane, França
27 a 31 de Janeiro

International Conference on Pipeline Systems
United Kingdom
24 a 26 de Março

Conférence Spécialisée del l’Aide sur les Systèmes d’Information Géographique: “Plans et Données pour le futur”
Lyon, França
13 e 14 Maio

ENVITEC 92 – 7ª Feira Internacional e Congresso
Walter e Cia.
25 a 29 de Maio

International Symposium on Environmental Sensing
International Society for Optical Engineering – SPIE
Berlin, Germany
22 a 26 de Junho

Baltic-Scandinavian Symposium on Ecological Fluid Dynamics
Royal Institute of Technology
Hydraulics Department
Stockolm, Sweden
2 a 14 de Agosto

Water Forum ’92: Saving a threatened resource
Baltimore, Md., EUA
3 a 5 de Agosto

Sewage Treatment in Stockholm as a result of Environmental Constraints
Stockholm Water Lda.
Stockholm, Sweden
4 a 14 de Agosto

Modern Techniques for Planing and Renewall of Water Mains and Sewage. Case Study of the countries around the Baltic
Stockholm Water, Lta.
Stockholm, Sweden
5 a 14 de Agosto

2nd International Conference on Reservoir Limnology and Water Quality
Hydrobiological Institute
Ceské Budêjovice, Czechoslovakia
9 a 14 de Agosto

A Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management finding life styles and measures for minimizing harmful fluxes from land to water
Stockholm Water, Lta.
Stockholm, Sweden
10 a 14 de Agosto

Stocholm Water Symposium
Stochholm, Sweden
10 a 14 de Agosto

AQUATECH 92: “Sewage into 2000, Developments and Upgrading in Sawerage and Waste-Water Treatment” and “Recently Idenfied Pollutants in Water Resources, Consequences for drinking water supply”
Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 de Agosto a 4 de Setembro

ENVIRO 92: “A Pratical Approach to Waste Treatment, Specialized Conference on Incineration and Composting”
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 a 3 de Setembro

2nd International Symposium on Hydrological Applications of Weather Radar
Universitaet Hannover
Institut fuer Wasserwitrtschaft
7 a 10 de Setembro

16th Symposium of the IAHR Section on Hydraulic Machinery and Cavitation
São Paulo, Brasil
14 a 18 de Setembro

5th International Gothenburg Sysmposium on Chemical Treatment in Nice
Nice, França
28 a 30 de Setembro

Primer Congreso Iberoamericano y XX Reunión Nacional de Estadística e Investigación Operativa
Escuela Universitária Politécnica
Depart. Matemática
Cáceres, Espanha
29 de Setembro a 2 de Outubro

Curso Internacional de Hidrologia Operativa
Direcção-Geral dos Recursos Naturais
12 de Outubro a 11 de Dezembro

Regional Short Training Course on Practical Control of Lake and Reservoir Eutrophication
Corrientes, Argentina
2 a 11 de Novembro

3rd Senior Advanced Course on Appropriate Modernization and Management of Irrigation Systems
IHE Delft
2 a 27 de Novembro

13th Course – Coping with Floods
International School of Water Resources Management
Erice, Sicily
3 a 15 de Novembro

A Development Conference on Environmental Training in Engineering Education
Karlsruhe, Alemanha
9 a 13 de Novembro

Europe’s Waste Water: “Strategies and Treatments for Protecting the North Sea International Conference”
Institution of Civil Engineers
Brussels, Belgium
10 a 12 de Novembro

Seminar Environmental Aspects of Estuary and Coastal Water Management 
Wallingford, UK
11 e 12 de Novembro

Modern Design Philosophies and Concepts for Water Supplies
Den Haag, Holanda
30 de Novembro a 4 de Dezembro

VI Congresso Ibérico de Energia Solar
2 a 4 de Dezembro

Seminar Computers in Irrigation
Wallingford, UK
8 de Dezembro

Seminar Recent Developments in Sea Wall Design
Wallingford, UK
10 de Dezembro




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