Volume 15, Issue 4 - December 2015

ISSN 1646-8872

Revista integral
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The influence of the river runoff in the artisanal fisheries catches in tropical coastal waters – The case of the Zambezi River and the fisheries catches in the northern Sofala Bank, Mozambique
Antonio Mubango Hoguane, Elisa Vasco

Solid waste management in coastal cities: where are the gaps? Case study of the North Coast of São Paulo, Brazil
Andréa de L. Oliveira, Alexander Turra

Long-term morphological evolution of urban pocket beaches in Montevideo (Uruguay): impacts of coastal interventions and links to climate forcing
Ofelia Gutiérrez, Daniel Panario, Gustavo J. Nagy, Gustavo Piñeiro, Carlos Montes

Reanalysis of marine-coastal indicators assessed by national and multinational organizations for the integrated coastal zone management
Raquel Dezidério Souto

Shallow-water hydrothermal vents in the Azores (Portugal)
Ruben P. Couto, Armindo S. Rodrigues, Ana I. Neto

Evaluation of trophic state in the Palo Verde estuary (Colima, México), action to regulating agricultural activities
J. Refugio Anguiano-Cuevas, Aramis Olivos-Ortiz, Omar Cervantes, Isaac Azuz-Adeath, Nancy Ramírez-Álvarez, María C. Rivera-Rodríguez

Water mass characteristics in a shallow bank highly influenced by river discharges: the Sofala Bank in Mozambique
Fialho P.J. Nehama, Muhamade Ali Lemos, Hélder Arlindo Machaieie

Modelling the thermal effluent of a near coast power plant (Sines, Portugal)
D. V. Salgueiro, H. de Pablo, R. Neves, M. Mateus

Use of geoindicators in vulnerability mapping for the coastal erosion of a sandy beach
Eduardo Queiroz de Lima, Ricardo Farias do Amaral

Water quality along the Alagoas State Coast, Northeast Brazil: advocacy for the coastal management
Thiago Henriques Fontenelle, José Antonio Baptista Neto, Estefan Monteiro da Fonseca